Plateau Oct/Nov 2020

Mountainworks Custom Homes

Event Calendar

Looking to fill your social calendar? We’ve got the rundown on what to do and explore.

Curves Ahead

This is a drive sports car enthusiasts won’t forget

Towering Trends

Castle Ladyhawke serves as a regal backdrop for these royally chic autumn-style sensations.

Right Tool for the Job

Financial advisors are ready to help you complete more than just the task at hand.

Celebrating 80 Years

Wit’s End has stood the test of time in the same downtown Highlands location

Cashiers’ Crown Jewel

High Hampton slated to reopen

Rustic Roots

The Summer House has evolved to offer full-service furnishings and interior design

Milking It

Monarch butterflies lay their eggs on milkweed, as it is the only plant a monarch caterpillar will eat.

Mixology Magic

Shrubs are the missing ingredient in your artisanal arsenal

Mountainworks Custom Homes

Curated Cuisine

From ingredients to dessert, Midpoint offers guests refined variety

Growing Up

The Boys & Girls Club of the Plateau expands youth development

Remember Me

Cashiers Crossroads in 1932

Handbuilding Highlands’ Future

Kaye McHan is piecing together a plan for uncertain times


The Bascom showcases work from local artists in member exhibition

Mountain Masterpieces

Reminiscing on Southern Appalachia through art

Enchanted Elopements

Romantic waterfalls are a private wedding dream come true

Immortalizing Ideas

When Wesley Wofford empties his mind, he leaves a lasting statement

Naturally Modern

Embracing the great outdoors at Silver Run Reserve 

Autumnal Aspirations

Create alluring spaces to enjoy all the season offers

Mountain Spa Paradise

Taking relaxation to the next plateau

Mountainworks Custom Homes