Jun-Jul 2021

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Flavors of Summer

If you had to choose your favorite flavor, the best taste imaginable, what would it be? 

Paradise Remains

Updates abound at the Amelia Island Ritz Carlton, but thankfully not everything has changed

Events Calendar

Looking to fill your social calendar? We've got the rundown on what to do and explore.

The Write Stuff

Imagining the future with Highlands Schools

All’s Well

Two newly refurbished hotels are rebranded as The Wells Hotel

Historical Happenings

Exhibitions and symposiums this summer

The Doctor Is In

Expanding primary health care on the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau

Sunlight on Chrome

Highlands Motoring Festival: sleek curves on the mountain

Your Daily Drive

Seven wellness tips for your mountain car

Mountainworks Custom Homes

Heat Wave

Signal Ridge Marina has us ready to sail into the calm, cool Lake Glenville sunset in these sizzling summer resort fashions.

Women in Business

Our executive director of operations, Emily Sweeney, asked these female entrepreneurs six questions to learn more about how their professional acumen, experience and talents inspire the plateau.

The Spirit of Summit

Celebrating 25 years on the plateau

Bodacious Begonias

Tending to your botanical beauties on the plateau

The Finer Things

Lenz Gifts offers an array of home products for luxury living

Wine 101

Part one in a three-part series exploring viticulture and wine

Canyon Kitchen

Fine dining in Lonesome Valley

Depicting Appalachia

In the Cullowhee Valley with Ron Rash

Order Out of Chaos

Laura Moser creates serenity from the tumultuous with grace and ease

Gathering Among Gardens

Finding peace in dreamy outdoor spaces

Ingrained in the Community

Longtime furniture and home accessories store Rusticks, plans to continue what its customers love

Summer Soirée

On the plateau, conversations about the arts, conservation and humanitarian efforts thrill just as much as golf, croquet, gardening, outdoor activities and book clubs

Mountainworks Custom Homes