Aug-Sep 2020

Mountainworks Custom Homes


The Cashiers Historical Society’s 2020 Designer Showhouse is guaranteed to highlight Silver Run Reserve’s natural luxury lifestyle- just like these must have summer looks.

Safe-Space Lodging

Yes, You Can Take a Vacation This Summer


Q & A with designers from this year’s Cashiers Historical Society’s Designer Showhouse

Tequila Time

Give agave a shot this summer

Coming Full Circle

Lisa Harrell Interiors revives owner’s longtime passion for creating spaces

Turning Customers into Friends

J Gabriel prides itself on offering shoppers a unique experience

Best in Show

The dazzling dahlias of Cashiers Valley

Dahlia Daze

The bright blessings of Miss Betty McCall

Fun Raising

Supporting public schools on the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau

Mountainworks Custom Homes

Event Calendar

Looking to fill your social calendar? We’ve got the rundown on what to do and explore.

A Community of Residents and Visitors

How Old Edwards Inn’s General Manager Inspires a Sense of Togetherness


Mental health in the stresses of current times

Plant for The Plateau

Planting seeds of love against food insecurity

The Camp Merrie-Woode Spirit

Empowering girls and young women for over a hundred years

Work in Progress

Getting a second chance at life

Wheelie Good

The Blue Bike Cafe is quickly becoming a Highlands favorite

Waterfalls and Wanderlust

Stand in awe of nature's beauty

Valley Views

A cozy home for two in Lonesome Valley

Golf Roundup

These courses are a must try…no putts about it

Girlfriend’s Travel Guide

…Southeast drive style

Mountainworks Custom Homes