Waking to Truth

05 Oct 2022

Craig Kolavo’s Journey of Spiritual Awakening

Story by Liesel Schmidt

War, famine, disease, natural catastrophe and even worldwide pandemic. It sounds like an Apocalyptic movie, doesn’t it? But watch the news, and you’ll be confronted with the sad truth that it’s not the construct of a Hollywood film. It’s the reality we’re all facing today. So the question is: Where is God in all of this?

For Craig Kolavo, God is everywhere and in everything, just maybe not in the sense of God as defined in the Bible or by any organized form of religion. Rather, God is the energy and life force that we all possess - and have possessed since the “spark of life” ignited in each of us after conception. 

It may sound abstract, and while it is certainly a concept that can’t be distilled into something tangible or proven, the fact that life exists the way it does is, for Kolavo, proof enough. And harnessing the energy of the Life Force within all of us and exploring our own spirituality to connect with that force is essential to both finding our own happiness and creating a more unified, harmonious world. 

How Kolavo arrived at this revelation is much the same as anyone who has found enlightenment after years and years of fruitless seeking. He stopped searching. What came to him was the idea to write a book for his children, and in writing, he discovered everything he’d been trying so hard to find. “My writing began as a selfish little project,” Kolavo admits. “I was hoping to share with my kids some of the discoveries I’ve made on this crazy adventure of life. After documenting all the highs and lows I’ve experienced, including the many aha moments I’ve had, I shared the rough draft with close friends and family. I was told that it had a great message and that I should consider sharing it with the world.” 

That vision for sharing his message with the world was made manifest when the manuscript, AWAKEN the Sleeping Giant, was published in 2020. The Audible version was published in 2021. What he shares in the book is essentially Kolavo’s insights into how to find the path you’re meant to follow in life and arrive at your true place of fulfillment. “I’ve been on my spiritual path for 30 years,” he says. “It’s only been over the past seven or eight years that I’ve transitioned from being a ‘seeker’ to a conscious player in this game of life. I guess you can say that I found what I was looking for. I am definitely not a guru. We each find our own guru when we look within, when we take the time to silence our minds each day and listen. I’m just a guy who did the inner work and made some life-changing discoveries. This path is available to everyone.”

By trade, Kolavo is the owner of Computer Comforts, a business he created in 1987 to design and manufacture tech-furniture for the education market. As fulfilled as his work makes him, however, there was an inner drive to put his message out into the world. “When you awaken on your spiritual path, what you do does not necessarily need to change,” says Kolavo, who lives with his wife in Highlands, NC. “However, how you do what you do will change dramatically, and you will feel the need to share your abundance. I really felt pushed by some invisible force to share this message. I strongly believe that life is meant to be a fun, lighthearted adventure. A life of joy, love and abundance awaits anyone who is willing to explore the spiritual path. What I love most is when I am told about life-changing results from people who have read the book. If I can make a difference, one person at a time, I’m a happy camper.

“I believe we’re all born into this world as body and soul, both equally important for the adventure that lies ahead,” he continues. “Sometime during our early development, we forget about the divine part of our nature, the soul. Although I believe ‘forgetting’ is a natural and necessary stage in our development, so is remembering. We will feel an empty void in our lives until we make this discovery. As sleepwalkers, we will try many different ways to fill this void with things like money, sex, power, drugs, alcohol and food. These methods are powerful because they work, but the results are only temporary, often leading us to need more. The only true way to fill the void is to discover and surrender. People are always seeking this truth, and ‘filling the void’ is what drives people to look for answers or guidance.”


For more information, visit AwesOmLife.com.

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